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Your Professional and Personalised Translation Service!

Do you need a document translated but only trust professionals? Do you need a legal, commercial or official translation service? I am the professional translator you are looking for. My name is Paula Lara, and I have experience in the translation sector. Below, you will see every one of the translation services I offer: Translation services based on quality, detail, and punctuality.

Types of Translation Services

NECESSARY FOR YOUR BUSINESS if you want Quality Attention to detail Speed Precision

Types of Translation Services for Companies

Translation into Spanish

We consider the original wording not to lose its essence in the Spanish translation.

Translation into English and German

No matter what type of legal document, I am willing to put my knowledge to use!

Notarial deeds

We live in a global world, and companies know it first hand, so do your deeds.

Proofreading and evaluation

Do you want a professional to certify the accuracy and quality?

Translation of Annual Accounts

Legal documents - economic, informative, brochures, catalogues... With the highest quality!

Types of Translation Services for Individuals

Marriage Certificates

Do you need a sworn translation of a Marriage Certificate? Click the button! I have what you need!

Birth Certificates

Do you need a sworn translation of a Birth Certificate? Click the button and find out more!

Family Books

Getting married, divorced? You may need to translate your family record book. I am an expert in solving these types of documents.


If you are looking for a new job opportunity abroad, you need to translate your resume!

Criminal Certificates

I can translate your criminal or conduct certificate with the same legal validity as the original as a certified translator.

Working and studying abroad

You've decided you're leaving. Now you have a lot of official documents to translate. I'll help you.

Academic Records

Do you want to confirm your studies abroad or certify the validation of subjects? It's time to talk!


Do you need to translate any visa without losing its legal validity? As a certified translator, I can help you.


At any given moment, everyone needs these services because we live in a vast and interconnected world, and we need to communicate with each other either by written or oral means.


Do you need a Sworn Translation of a Family Book and a Translation of a Birth Certificate? These and many more are the Translation Services that Dominguez Translations can offer you. Choose yours!


Translations of Annual Accounts, Sworn Translations of Notarial Deeds, Translations of CVs... These and many more are the Translation Services that Traducciones Domínguez offers you. The partner your company needs!

University students

If you are a university student, you also need translation services! Do you want to avoid problems with your Erasmus transcript? Have you been asked for a sworn translation of your grades? Traducciones Domínguez we can do this and much more for you.


Not many people know the difference between translating and interpreting. The translation is a process that starts with a document written in one language and ends in another text written in another language but says the same thing.

Interpreting is the process of easing communication between two speakers of different languages. These two processes have in common that they need to be conducted by a bilingual professional with the necessary training and experience.