Translation and Interpreting Courses

Discover your face-to-face and distance translation courses!

Experience is a guarantee of quality. As a professional with experience translating documents of various kinds for private and public companies, I offer you my knowledge. Improve your knowledge of interpreting and translating or your level of English in a personalised way. Are you an undergraduate translation student? I can also be your support.


Types of Translation Courses

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English for Business

Your employees may not be at the same level as you, increase their productivity!

Translation Students

Please take advantage of my experience to help you with the subjects you have not passed.

Legal English

More and more companies and individuals require Sworn Translators. It's the right time!

Private Lessons

With my language courses, you will increase your fluency and fluency in English or German.


University students

If you are a student struggling in the classroom with a subject, count on me. Together we will go over the basics of a good translation, and you will also learn in my courses how to translate texts in English or German, and likewise from English into Spanish. I will show you the best way to solve news and more specialised documents, such as contracts or financial reports.


You may also need support in subjects such as English or German-speaking countries' cultures or translation theory and practice. Or in creative writing. I can also help you with all these subjects without any problems.


Experienced translators also need to keep up their training and grow because water that doesn't flow and stagnates stinks. For them, I have designed refresher courses in which we can review concepts they need for their work or learn how to use new computer tools, for example.


But it may also be that you don't need these courses for your work or studies, but to broaden your world. For example, if you learn English, you will have access to many songs, books, or films that have not yet been translated into English. Imagine being the only one of your friends who understands the words to any song in English!


The most exciting thing about learning languages at the level of translation and interpreting is the experience of communicating in several languages; we experience this because a language is not only about the language as it is. 

Learning a language opens the doors to new cultures and offers you unique, better and richer work horizons. It will also be a whole experience as a person because, although it may seem a cliché, it is very accurate that a language is more than just the language: its culture.

To give an extreme example, a Japanese person does not negotiate the same way as a Spaniard. And if we go to a more subtle model, the way an American Express himself sees the world is not the same as that of a citizen of the United Kingdom, although it is still the same language.

The reality is that we live in a multilingual world by nature, and that is why translation is all around us, visibly or not. 

How many languages do you hear when you use the Metro in Madrid? If you open your ears or take a walk down the Calle Mayor in Alcalá de Henares, you will listen to the music from many different languages: Romanian, French, English… And think now about how we all need to communicate in some way because we are human beings.

In all this context, you will understand me when I tell you that anyone can be a translator. Please think of the children who mediate between their teachers and their parents, who may not be so fluent in the language, or the taxi drivers who speak several languages and manage to understand where they have to take their passengers.